AFS Compliance

AFS Compliance is the Compliance arm of Asset Finance Solutions (UK) Ltd (AFS) one of the largest Asset Finance Brokers in the market.

Asset Finance Solutions was the first Asset Finance Brokerage to develop a Franchise Network in 2005 long before the Financial Conduct Authority took control of Consumer Credit regulation and introduced the Principal / Appointed Representative concept.

That knowledge and experience gathered over 10 years specifically in the consumer credit and asset finance market cannot be rivalled by any other network or compliance business.

So what does that mean?

Quite simply it means you’re dealing with a Principal with unrivalled knowledge of the Consumer Credit / Asset Finance market who also understands what it’s network members want and unlike any other Compliance firm isn’t offering a product that was developed for the Insurance or mortgage market.

So why should I become an Appointed Representative ?

Any business wishing to operate in the Consumer Credit market now has to be regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), many of those businesses both large and small are ill equipped or not prepared for direct authorisation by the FCA. They have either identified that the costs are too great or that meeting the regulator’s expectations on their own without help will be impossible, some simply don’t want the additional responsibility. The AFS Compliance Network is a simple and cost effective alternative to direct authorisation by the FCA.

AFS Compliance whilst new to this market as all Consumer Credit Principals are, are not new to Consumer Credit, Consumer Credit rules and managing a network. AFS has been trading for over 10 years ensuring its network were compliant and had access to an unrivalled panel of funding options. Developing its network AFS has grown by circa 20% every year for 10 years. Investing in systems and most importantly people to ensure AFS remains a market leader.

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