Asset Finance Solutions (UK) Limited was the first broker in the market to operate a franchise offering.

Since 2005 we have grown our franchise network to the largest in the industry with over 50 businesses trading exclusively under the Asset Finance Solutions banner. Those businesses benefit from DIRECT access to our panel of over 50 funders (many of which are exclusive to us). We also provide our franchisees with the latest industry information, on-going regulatory and legislative updates, sales support, marketing, warm leads, regular meetings and access to a market leading proposal management system.

So what makes us different ? We established AFS as an umbrella organisation where we took responsibility for providing our Franchisees with everything they needed to make them most effective – we were innovative and the only business in the market at the time doing this. Subsequently many businesses have copied our model and many more are now looking to do the same especially as the FCA are rolling out a similar model with authorised Principals providing the umbrella for their Appointed Representatives.

Now that the FCA have taken control of the Consumer Credit Market our model has adapted. We obtained Principal Status from the FCA in January 2015 and we are now responsible for all the regulatory requirements for our Franchisees who operate as Appointed Representatives (AR’s) under our Principal umbrella.

In what is a turbulent market we look to provide stability.

So if you are an established broker or an industry specialist looking to enter the broker market and you want access to an unrivalled panel of funders, you want to ensure you meet the ever changing regulatory requirements and you want to maintain your autonomy, but be part of a team; there is only one choice: Asset Finance Solutions (UK) Limited – the only broker in the market that is 100% focused on it’s network and supporting them and their customers.


“I became an AFS franchisee in 2009 and although a difficult time within the financial sector the panel of lenders made available to me allowed me to place practically all my business opportunities. I also have to commend AFS on both their administrative and sales support, frankly speaking I wouldn’t have secured a number of my new large vendor partnerships without the direct involvement of the experienced and knowledgeable directors of Asset Finance Solutions. Although recent developments in the sector with the implementation of regulations are a concern, I feel confident that AFS have taken all the steps necessary to ensure I can continue to experience the success I have over the past 5 years”

Rob McCarren – Finance Specialist North West

” Having operated as an entirely independent broker for several years I was frustrated at losing deals on rate and being unable to access funding lines I felt I deserved, I am very protective of my independence and keeping control of the brand I have built. “

“Along came AFS offering a great deal and much to my surprise their offering allowed me to operate under my own brand, exactly as I had before, but now with access to a massive panel of funders, in excess of 50. I have full direct access to lenders, have won lots of business on rate and importantly I have grown my business. ”

“The FCA changes will affect us all and I am totally confident in the steps AFS have taken to ensure the network is leading the way in addressing these issues, leaving me to focus on growing my business. “

Chris MacManus – Finance Specialist South Wales

If you have any questions or want to discuss how you can become a member of the AFS team please call Justin Ford on 01254 958 777 or 07740 095701 or email