Asset Finance Solutions

We’re the one organisation who can find you the funding you’re looking for …. at rates you thought could never be found.

If you approach a bank or finance house for asset finance funding then you’ll be restricted to what they can offer you from their own in-house funding products.

Similarly, should you go to a small independent broker, the chances are that their funders panel will also be severely restricted.

But … when you speak to AFS you immediately gain access to what is the largest and most comprehensive portfolio of internationally based funders operating within the asset finance market. You instantly benefit from an unprecedented choice of funding sources, including specialist funders who operate exclusively within niche market sectors. What’s more, thanks to our size, our dynamic market presence and the relationship of mutual respect that we have forged with all our funders, we can bring you what are unquestionably the most attractive and most competitive rates in the asset finance market.

Not only that … many of our brokers, although working under the umbrella and enjoying the support of AFS, have retained their independent status. It’s a powerful network of strategically located brokers that covers the entire country with the following qualities:

Locally based + hugely experienced + fully qualified + FCA accredited + strongly motivated + asset finance specialists + personal approach + individually tailored service + high standards

If on the other hand, you operate within a specialist sector of industry; say agriculture, marine, aerospace or medical for instance, then the breadth of our network allows us to connect you with a broker who also specialises in your sector. That means you deal with someone who understands the market, is familiar with your needs and knows exactly how to overcome problems. In other words they are the best-qualified people to resolve your specific and individual funding requirements.

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  • You can only deliver the best financial solutions when you have access to more funders than anyone else… And we do!
  • You can only guarantee unbeatable service when you have the best asset finance brokers in the business… And we do!
  • You can only provide total confidence and reassurance when you are approved by the FCA and comply with all their exacting standards… And we do!
  • You can only become one of the largest, most successful and most respected independent brokerages in the industry by satisfying your customers’ needs all the time… And we do!

When we say we’ll do it … we do!