Business finance solutions

Business finance solutions

Choosing the right business finance solutions has never been more important.

So it’s been a couple of weeks since the referendum when the nation voted, albeit narrowly, to leave the EU.  So far it has all been rather quiet, a bit like a phoney truce and apart from a few skirmishes with Sterling coming under attack not much seems to have happened.

But is this the calm before the storm?

This week’s unexpected turn of events with the appointment of Theresa May as the Tory leader and soon to be confirmed as the new PM added even more intrigue to the situation yet even so the city and industry in general have generally adopted a stance of ‘business as usual’.  What’s more, the pound has even rallied.

With the appointment of Mrs May as PM and her “Brexit means Brexit” statement it could be expected that Article 50 will be invoked possibly sooner than many anticipated.  But until that happens no one can honestly say exactly what the outcome will be.

One thing is certain though and that is Sterling will continue to remain volatile as the financial markets react to every decision while business leaders maintain an eagle eye on the negotiation process as they plan their future business finance solutions strategies.

Surely the key concern that will dictate whether this is a short or long term period of uncertainty will be whether the new government team can re-negotiate access to the single market and obtain favourable terms of agreement.

At AFS we believe in the strength of our business finance solutions strategy and we are certain that the only way to trade through any period of uncertainty is to focus on doing what your business is good at, whilst ensuring that everything is in place to ensure you can deliver it.

No doubt there will be some casualties and probably some consolidations, but we are confident that at AFS we are perfectly placed to continue to support our customers, our funders and our broker network with timely and market-proven business finance solutions.

Our funding panel is arguably the largest in the industry totalling over 70 High Street and specialist lenders and our compliance department is one of the largest and most experienced of any brokerage to ensure an exceptional customer facility that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of the Regulator.

To guarantee the most appropriate finance solutions, especially during times of uncertainty it’s important to know you have solid foundations behind you.

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