Asset Finance Solutions are pleased to announce several new brokers who have made the decision to join our network.

Davies Finance, Beechwood Finance, First Finance and Pro-Asset Finance have become the latest names to see the benefit of being part of the network. All are well established brokerages placing around £50m of business a year between them, but they see the benefit of being part of the team, leveraging the purchasing power and strength of the collective as well as AFS helping them meet the regulators expectations.

We have been amazed by the number of enquiries we have had of late from established brokers who not only have concerns about regulation, but also see the advantage of having access to over 50 funders.

This year has seen our numbers swell to well over 50 now, Chris MacManus owns and runs a well established brokerage in South Wales, he made the decision to join the network last year and his comments probably highlight the benefits of being part of the AFS team :

” Having operated as an entirely independent broker for several years I was frustrated at losing deals on rate and being unable to access funding lines I felt I deserved,  I am very protective of my independence and keeping control of the brand I have built. “

“Along came AFS offering a great deal and much to my surprise their offering allowed me to operate under my own brand, exactly as I had before, but now with access to a massive panel of funders, in excess of 50. I have full direct access to lenders, have won lots of business on rate and importantly I have grown my business. “

“The FCA changes will affect us all and I am totally confident in the steps AFS have taken to ensure the network is leading the way in addressing these issues, leaving me to focus on growing my business. “

We couldn’t ask for a better endorsement of what we do, maybe AFS can help you grow your business, whilst maintaining your independence and identity?