A great deal of the business we transact comes from long standing relationships with manufacturers, dealers and distributors of all manner of equipment from air conditioning to comercial vehicles and heavy plant.

These relationships have developed from Asset Finance Solutions offering those partners bespoke, professional and competitive finance packages for their customers – the quality of our people coupled with the range of funding options we are able to offer means we are seldom beaten.

Over the last 8 months our compliance department has been able to help our introducing partners prepare themselves for regulation. Not only have we been able to help our partners navigate their way through the rules, but we have also shown them what we have been doing as a business – having a qualified compliance officer has been a huge benefit to us and our introducing partners.

We know that regulation is a huge concern for many manufacturers, dealers and distributors who rely on finance as a sales aid. If you have concerns about how your business will meet the regulators requirements, then maybe we can share our experience and the knowledge of our qualified compliance department with you. We won’t send you a leaflet that you could get from the FCA, we’ll happily come out and discuss your concerns and how regulation will impact how you sell finance to your customers.

We’ve invested heavily in ensuring our business will meet the regulators requirements, maybe we can help your business through the authorisation process ?